Russian Kettlebell

Kettlebell – The Russian Way

Pavel Tsatsouline once said that a Russian day well spent, is to have Vodka at night, pickle juice in the morning (the best thing for a hangover); and between this hangover and the next, throw some kettlebells around.

Kettlebells have been around for over 300 years, a staple for Russian strongmen. On the 1986 publication of the Soviet Weightlifting Yearbook, it is stated that it is hard to find any sport that have deeper roots than the girevoy (kettlebell) sport.

Throughout history, Russia has been consistently producing among the strongest people in the world. Some say kettlebells is the one of the main reason for it, they might be right. Kettlebell is immensely popular in Russia that in Tsarist, weightlifter or strongman is referred to as a giverik (kettlebell man).

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