Pavel Tsatsouline on Kettlebells

Pavel Tsatsouline claims that with a kettlebell, you can do pretty much the same thing as you can with a dumbbell, only better.

Why better?

According to Pavel, it is all about the resistance. For instance, if you perform curls with a dumbbell, as you are nearing the top, the resistance will become lesser. On the other hand, if you were to do it with the kettlebell, the center of gravity is displaced, forcing you to work harder to get to the top. This characteristic of the kettlebell also will develop your wrist flexor, which in turns giving you a bigger biceps.

Many sportsmen are beginning to give serious consideration to the kettlebell workout. In the Arnold Sports Festival, Pavel’s booth proved to be popular with the arm wrestler among orthers, with Wolrd Champion Mary McConnaughy giving the kettlebell two thumbs up.

For the chest muscles, kettlebell flyes are absolutely brilliant, giving rsistance right until the top of the movement. For shoulder exercise, try doing the Scott or the Arnold press with kettlebells and you can feel the difference immediately. Training with kettlebells also will teach you to perform a proper squats. Overhead squats are one of the best ways to improving your squatting technique. Most people, however, just not interested because they can’t even get started as they can’t hold the bar far enough. Trying doing it with a kettlebell and you will feel the center of gravity is displaced, helping you with your shoulder flexibility. Amy Weisberger, the World Power Lifting Campion, tried them at Pavel’s booth and immediately gave her approval.

Kettelbells are also a great for regular people to perform the alternative exercise to the Olympic lifts snatch and clean and jerk. These ballistic exercises, even with a relatively light weight, are a great way to develop absolute strength.

Another thing that Pavel like the most of the kettlebell, is that there just look nasty and evil.

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