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Pavel Tsatsouline Story

Pavel Tsatsouline is subject matter expert to the U.S. Marine Corps, the National Nuclear Security Administration/U.S. Department of Energy, and the US Secret Service.

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Pavel Tsatsouline on Kettlebells

According to Pavel, it is all about the resistance. For instance, if you perform curls with a dumbbell, as you are nearing the top, the resistance will become lesser. On the other hand, if you were to do it with the kettlebell, the center of gravity is displaced, forcing you to work harder to get to the top. This characteristic of the kettlebell also will develop your wrist flexor, which in turns giving you a bigger biceps.

Many sportsmen are beginning to give serious consideration to the kettlebell workout. In the Arnold Sports Festival, Pavel’s booth proved to be popular with the arm wrestler among orthers, with Wolrd Champion Mary McConnaughy giving the kettlebell two thumbs up.

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Pavel Tsatsouline the Evil Russian

Lean and wiry, 6 feet 2 inches tall and a lean 187 pounds. Born to a ballerina, his power is well complemented with grace. You couldn’t find a better advertisement or testament to the fitness program he advocates.

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Pavel Tsatsouline on High Intensity Training

A lot of Pavel’s ideology leans more towards functionality, but it must be noted that many of his may be applied to bodybuilding and powerlifting as well.

Pavel has an interesting observation on American in the gym. He is especially against the “high intensity training”. To Pavel, there is one common denominator of the training of the strongest people in the world like weightlifters or powerlifters. They keep the repetition low and lift heavier weight. They don’t train to failure.

While it is true that intensity important for weight training, the mainstream definition of intensity on the other hand is the “percentage of momentary ability” — is meaningless. The only way you can measure intensity is through the percentage of your one rep max

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Pavel Tsatsouline on Ab Workouts

In the book Bullet Proof Abs, Pavel Tsatsouline point out all of the wrongs when it comes to abdominal trainings. Pavel says that to use high reps to get cut up. Getting cut up only serves as a function of resting tension in the muscle and low body fat. Many people think that by doing high-rep programs they are going to cut up. Instead, they started to gain more mass, especially glycogen and water.

With high reps you feel sore and pain just by sneezing or laughing. Pavel suggests going heavy instead. Keep your sets low and you rest a lot. The trick is to find a challenging exercise. That is where the problem is. There is this belief that abs can be isolated from the hip flexors by eliminating the movement in the hip joint, like they do in the crunch. Pavel is strongly against that notion. Hip flexors can only be inhibited neurologically.

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Pavel Tsatsouline on Stretching

In the book Relax Into Stretch, Pavel Tsatsouline says that “Stretching is NOT the best way to become flexible!”. The statement goes against what we have think we know all this while. Pavel explains that the Western approach to flexibility has failed because it assumes that the muscles and connective tissue need to be physically stretched. Pavel thoughts on this are exactly the opposite. For him, you don’t need to stretch if you want to be flexible.

Contrary to the Western school of thought, Pavel says that what really prevent all of us from being flexible has nothing to do with “short” muscles, it’s the nervous system. The fear of injuring yourself fire up your nervous system to tense up your muscle. The muscles tighten up and resist lengthening. Russian scientists call it antagonist passive insufficiency.

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